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elesa is a cis bi woman of orrean descent, born on october 31, 1985. she took over the nimbasa city gym and theme park in spring of 2003, following the resignation of the former steel-type leader.

working as a gym leader, model, and philanthropist while owning a fabric/pattern distribution LLC and the theme park for many years, only recently in 2020 did elesa sell most of her businesses and return to simply leadership and modelling with philanthropy and activism on the side. she volunteers at the local pokemon daycare in her off time, closing the gym each spring to focus on scheduling and personal projects.


hi! i'm felix. i'm 18 and use he/she/they interchangeably. all you need to know about me is that i'm white and that all of the art used on this account will be either made by myself or properly credited. i might add more info in the future! who knows.